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Lenann McGookey Gardner Management Consulting focuses on improving your business development efforts. Lenann is a Harvard MBA and an expert in state-of-the-art selling and closing skills. She merges her success in sales and marketing with 20 years of worldwide research into today's best practices in selling, to help you improve your company's sales and marketing performance.

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Win More Clients

The Complete Guide to Today's
Proven Methods for Selling Services

Get the DATA about today’s most powerful business-development skills in this easy-to-read, simple-to-understand book. Adjust what you say when you’re selling, and watch your revenue soar!

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Proposal Process Excellence Program

What percentage of your proposals generate even one dollar (one euro, one forint ...) of business? If you don't know your proposal success rate ... find out and if it's low, fix it!

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What’s New!

Sales Management Skills Update

Are you leading a sales effort?
There is much to learn about how the most successful Sales Managers are achieving sales targets NOW!

Have you had a recent class in Sales Management?
You can read 10 books ... or call Lenann for an overview of this very important research.

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  • When Prospects Shut You DownMay 21, 2015

    Sales conversation nightmares are made of this.  You’re with a prospect.  You’re interested in their work, and you’ve researched them, so you have a pretty good idea of what they do and with whom they do it.  You feel excited about how you might collaborate.  Like any good salesperson, you start asking questions about their business and inquiring about their challenges, aiming to find where you two will best intersect.  Suddenly, they shut you down.  They don’t want you asking questions about their business.  They feel you’re prying where you shouldn’t be.  Things get tense.  The conversation lags.  How do you move forward and win the client?  It seems like mission impossible, but it’s not!

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  • Prof. Services Firms Typically Aren’t Supporting Their People with Their #1 Business ChallengeMar 17, 2015

    New research shows the #1 reported challenge for 81% of 500+ Professional Services Firms surveyed is New Business Development!  Yet, most have provided almost NO Sales Training to support them.  Why IS that?

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  • Who Do You Think You Are?!Aug 12, 2014

    Yesterday, in the Sales Best Practices group on LinkedIn, I answered a question posed by another member.  The question is a good one and the way you think about the issue can make or break you in any sales environment.  Because it’s so important, I’m sharing it here in its entirety.  My advice to you right now: read it!  It’s just 4 paragraphs but you’ll want to be sure you’re on the right side of this sales issue NOW!  Then, comment below or click the LinkedIn link at the end of this post and join the discussion yourself!  What’s your take on educating as a part of the sales process?  How do YOU handle presenting fresh ideas to prospects who are seasoned veterans of their industry?

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