Feb 25 2014

Got Trust?

“Trust is the foundation of the sale.  No trust, no sale.” —Mike Schultz and John E. Doerr, Rainmaking Conversations [1]
In Chapter 10 of my book, Win More Clients, I share some research about the role trust plays in business.  Today, I’ve decided to share that valuable information with you here!  Read on and comment below to share your own experiences with how trust—or lack of it!—impacts your sales success. 

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Oct 21 2013

Where Sellers Go Wrong

You don’t think of yourself as a salesperson, right?  You do other things at work – not just selling!
But is it also true that, if people at your level DON’T do some business development work, the future of your firm is compromised?


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Sep 18 2013

Closing is a fool’s errand that alienates buyers.”  Really?!?  NO.

In an article published earlier this year, Mike O’Horo, who, like me, trains lawyers to sell their services, asserted that “Closing cannot have any legitimacy.”  He went on to explain his position, ending with “Closing is a fool’s errand that alienates buyers.  It’s like teaching a pig to fly:  It doesn’t work, and it irritates the pig.”  Well, I took exception with that last idea! Read my response to him.

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Sep 11 2013

Can A Book Really Teach You How To Sell?!

I write a lot about selling. But I don’t think you can learn to sell from a book or other written material.  There’s no substitute for knowledge, of course.  But sometimes all the knowledge in all the books in all the world won’t help you when you’re having an emotional reaction.  Selling is a discipline but it’s also an emotional subject.  And to deal with that aspect of it, you might consider working with a Sales Coach.

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Aug 15 2013

Not Just More Individualistic, More BELIEVABLE!

Today’s Daily Stat from the Harvard Business Review cites increased use of the pronouns “I” and “me.”  HBR suggests that this trend “reflects a rising U.S. individualism”.  I’d say we’re not just more individualistic, we’re more believable!

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Jun 18 2013

Another Day, Another Dollar?

Psych Yourself Up To Sell This Summer!

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May 09 2013

The Best Sales Skills Training I Ever Attended

Practical skills, an up-to-date approach to selling, ideas that you can use immediately to turn contacts into prospects, and prospects into clients - that’s what you look for in the best Sales Skills Training workshops.

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Mar 26 2013

Salespeople are BORN, not MADE, right?

Aren’t people just born with the ability to sell ... or not?  And is there anything that you can DO about it?

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Feb 04 2013

Should your Business Development Training include Role Play Exercises?

Most people hate role plays. But without them, how do you get your associates to practice having the kinds of conversations that can lead to actual, billable work?

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Jan 22 2013

Are you SURE you understand the BASICS of successful selling?

Check out these misconceptions and truths about the basics of successful selling.

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