Lenann’s business development session was fantastic and I learned a lot. I find her a very inspirational speaker! At the time I worked with Lenann – 5 years ago – I was a Senior Manager for a Big 4 accounting firm. I made Partner at that firm, becoming the first woman partner in tax there. Now I’ve made a move to KPMG, where I am a Tax Partner based in Bangkok. What I learned from Lenann definitely helped me to achieve my goals and get to where I am today, professionally.
Lynn Tastan Tax Partner KPMG
Thanks for the workshop – it was stimulating and enjoyable, providing lots of great and useful information that I am utilizing most effectively!
Ray Friesenhahn, CLP, MBA Advanced Technology Scout/Technology Transition Manager TechLink
Lenann is the best sales consultant I have ever met (that is the simple truth) including my Big4, international and local experiences. Her professional, tailor-made approach generated the business results I wanted.
Dr. Istvan Siman Managing Partner Turningpoint, Budapest
Lenann, thanks again for your help. Prior to meeting you, I thought I never wanted to be in sales. I really like customer support as helping others and being able to solve problems is my thing. I'm an introvert by nature and so I thought I wouldn't make a good salesman. Your training, Lenann, has brought me greater success in both support and in sales, and I'm really excited that I'm moving more and more into a sales role. My experience in support is invaluable to my current sales efforts. With gratitude…
John Russell Decagon Devices
Pullman, Washington
Thank you for your patience, time and effort in bringing our Colombian Sales up! I have become a better seller because I have been working with you – and I look forward to continuing that.
Kelly Rodriguez Executive of Global Business TMF Colombia Ltda.
I enjoyed sales Coaching with Lenann so much! Lenann is very good at assessing the situation -- with a couple of simple questions she gets to the bottom of things. The one-on-one nature of Lenann’s Coaching means there’s no way you can hide (as can happen in a classroom). I was continually intrigued by Lenann’s questions and constant feedback on performance…
Wouter Plantenga Senior Vice President Head of International Structuring
TMF USA, Inc.,
New York
I just read your latest newsletter article. Wow. Bingo. Guilty. Thanks for a reminder -- you pinpointed my essential fault. We’re doing well here, having reached our goal of being national leaders in our niche market. You really helped us and we still talk about essential lessons learned from Lenann…
Dan Swanson, CLP Licensing Leader TechLink, Bozeman, Montana
Closed 5 deals last week!! Thanks, Lenann, for your support, guidance and belief. The Game On Sales Coaching program we are doing with you keeps me sharp on the follow ups, value estimation and most importantly the closing rates!
Jase P. Choenni Head of Sales & Marketing TMF GROUP BRAZIL, Sao Paulo
Early on in my career I was fortunate that my company hired Lenann McGookey Gardner to conduct sales training with not just our sales team members, but all our operations managers as well. At the time I was an Assistant General Manager at a hotel and didn’t think my role had anything to do with sales. My perception of my role changed drastically as a result of Lenann’s training and subsequent Sales Coaching support. I learned that while operations might be my primary focus, EVERYONE working for an organization has a role in sales. What a fantastic lesson to learn so early on. Some years later, now a Vice President of the same hospitality company and a co-chair of programs for the American Society of Training and Development chapter, I brought Lenann in for a couple of hours, for an “Update on State-of-the-Art Selling Skills.” Though I thought I knew what she would say, I found I was surprised – so many of the basics of what’s working now in selling had changed, and Lenann presented a concise and engaging update on the skills successful salespeople need now. Lenann got the entire audience involved in the presentation, and I think every single person left with not only more selling skills, but a more positive attitude about selling, and I am sure that will show up in their sales results, just as happened in my first exposure to Lenann’s work – my company saw millions of dollars in sales increases!
Sherri Novak Vice President Operations Larkspur Hotels and Restaurants, Larkspur, California
I heard rave reviews of your presentation, Lenann. Our folks do get very enthusiastic about great speakers like yourself!
Laura Putnam CEO motion infusion

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